SPG Team & Home Ministry To Visit Midnapore To Examine Lapses Behind Canopy Collapse


Kolkata: A day after at least 30 people were injured when a makeshift tent collapsed at the venue of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rally in West Bengal’s Midnapore town, a high-level team of Special Protection Group (SPG) and home ministrty will visit the state to examine any lapses. The SPG team and home ministry also held a high level meeting at Midnapore Circuit House.

Around 30 people were injured on Monday at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rally in West Bengal as a marquee collapsed on a section of the crowd in the middle of his speech. PM Modi appeared emotional when he visited the injured in hospital.

The canvas, iron and wood structure was put up as protection from the rain at the rally in Midnapore. As a portion of the huge tent started collapsing, PM Modi stopped his speech to urge people to be safe and ordered his security personnel to take care of those injured. “Those who have climbed up, please get down, all of you….please climb down. Those standing up there, please get down. Don’t run,” PM Modi appealed.

The ruling TMC expressed concern over the incident. “We pray for their early recovery. All assistance and help will be provided to them,” read a statement issued by the party.