Speculation Raises As Mukul Enters ‘Own’ Office On Vishwakarma Puja


Kolkata:  As Expected, Mukul Roy, CM Mamata Banerjee’s one time most dynamic cadre of TMC is now engaged with his own ideal to form a new party as per Mukul’s close sources.

Mukul Roy, Didi’s one time favorite political partner reportedly started working for his new party construction on the day of Biswakarma Puja. On Sunday he took his position at his new office, which is situated in Khanna. This news created speculations among the state political leaders.

বিশ্বকর্মার হাত ধরেই নতুন দলের কাঠামো গড়লেন মুকুল ?

Earlier, on Friday Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee restructured the Trinamool Congress working committee and removed the post of the party vice-president. The move comes as a blow to Mukul Roy, who was till now the party national vice-president. Now, he simply remains a member of the party working committee.

Another Blow For Mukul Roy, TMC Removes VP’s Post

As per Roy’s close aides, if everything goes well after the Puja he will join the BJP party. On the day of Biswakarma Puja he spent most of his time at the new office’s premise. Behaving like a professional office worker he has thoroughly gone through the official files and discussed important matters over phone. As BJP has there well known faces in the state party like Rupa Ganguly, Locket Chatterjee and Rahul Sinha but none of them has their focus to maintain a team organization. Probably that is the reason that Roy will remain his main focus on district-based organizations, sources said.

Narada Sting: Mukul Roy Appears Before CBI

As per BJP leader, Mukul Roy is not only a good politician but also has a good number of strong followers here and there and if he left the ruling party this will surely create dispute among the TMC party leaders. The BJP also has faith to have a unexpected results in the Panchayat Election if Mukul joined them as they are lacking behind of TMC in terms of vote numbers, said a BJP leader. The leader also said that the state BJP needs a strong state organization and Roy needs to maintain his existence in politics. If both collaborated it will surely help both BJP and Mukul.

Before the Khanna’s office he had his personal office in Belle Vue, from where he used to do all of his official works and personal interviews as well. But from Sunday onward he started his new journey from Khanna’s office. All of the precious moments were shared by his dear ones on the social media, which doubled the speculation of opposite party workers.

TMC Shahid Divas: Ignoring, Madan & Mukul Abhishek Ruled On Stage

On another incident, on 21st July, the historic Shahid Divas of TMC Mukul was completely ignored. This continuous ignorance could be the reason he changed his colour from Blue to Saffron. Though, speculations are high but time will say what will be the future of Mukul Roy, whether he will go against Didi or not.

Reported By: Manab Guha & Suman Batabyal
Edited By: Sumana Sarkar