Specialised Rescue Devices Distributed To 1,800 Fishermen In Tamil Nadu

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Rameswaram: Specialized rescue devices were distributed to 1,800 fishermen across Tamil Nadu today for safeguarding their lives during emergencies, a senior fisheries department official said.

The device, known as “DAT-90” (Distress Alert Transmitters), can be used by fishermen to send alarm signals to the Coast Guard in case of trouble or emergencies. While 1,600 such devices were distributed to fishermen across the state, 200 were given to fishermen in this coastal town today, Assistant Director of Fisheries department Gopinath said in Rameswaram.

The equipment, each costing Rs. 15,920, has been provided at a subsidised rate to the fishermen. While the Centre would bear 75 per cent of the total cost, the state would provide 15 per cent and the fishermen the balance 10 per cent, he said.

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Explaining the salient features of DAT-90, Mr Gopinath said a warning button on the equipment when pressed in an emergency would transmit a signal to the Coast Guard, who could then rush immediately to the spot and rescue the fishermen.

The fishermen could procure the transmitter from the fisheries department by making the payment in the form of a Demand Draft.

There are about one lakh fishing boats in Tamil Nadu and all of them were eligible to receive them, he added.