Special underwears for Big Breasted Women


Washington: Two industrial designers decided to cater to the needs of big breasted women and have reinvented good old bras for the first time in 110 years.

Laura West and Sophia, creators of what they have named Trusst Lingerie, came up with brilliant theory to use truss system, which is used to hold up things like floors, bridges and roofs, for holding up big breasts, News.com.au reported.

The two explained on their Kickstarter page that to support bigger heavier breasts, they decided to remove the underwire from the bras, and replaced it with new, patent-pending design that supports the weight of your breast from underneath, removing the burden on your shoulder straps and refocusing the support around the core of your body where your strongest muscles are.

In short, they developed a system that creates lift, they added.

The designers said that being larger busted women themselves, they understood the everlasting frustration of finding the perfect bra, as it was nearly impossible to find an attractive bra that fits her well, without the underwires digging into her body from the weight of her bust.

They tested out the prototypes on themselves over 100 women who volunteered, all of whom loved the new creation.

Trusst Lingerie has raised 7,000 dollars over their 25,000 dollars fundraising goal, with 15 days of the pledge still to go, and the lingerie will be in the market early next year.