Special Train Will Bring Back Bengalis From Rain-Battered Kerala


Kolkata: South Eastern Railway has launched two new special train to bring back the people of Bengal from rain-battered Kerala who are stuck there.This special train have left for Santragachi in West Bengal form Ernakulam station of Kerala at 6 pm and 9 pm on Sunday.

Kerala is populated by a huge numbers of Bengalis, many reside in the south eastern state as per their work permit and some are tourists. Hence a huge mass of Bengali’s have stuck in the rain-battered areas of Kerala especially in Ernakulam.

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Meanwhile, three youths from West Bengal have became the victims of the fury of mother nature in Kerala and lost their lives. According to sources, putting concern on the safety of rest of the people from Bengal the tourism department have requested the railway authorities for more special trains. Responding to the state’s appeal, the railway authority have decided to run two special trains.

On Sunday West Bengal government has announced relief assistance of Rs 10 crore to stand beside the flood victims of Kerala.