Special Report: Kolkata Youths Addicted To Synthetic Drugs


Kolkata: In a shocking information revealed by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), a larger part of the Kolkata youths have become addicted to synthetic drugs.

Synthetic drugs are created to be cheaper, stronger copies of naturally-derived drugs like heroin or marijuana.

The NCB officials have recovered larger quantities of drugs from the city itself in the last few years. According to statistics, the recipients of synthetic drugs are more than the natural one, in Kolkata. However, the NCB have become more active and they detain drug traffickers almost everyday.

The NCB, on questioning the detained traffickers, have found out that the citizens have turned to the synthetic ones rather than the natural ones. Drugs such as LCD, magic mushroom, ecstacy are in higher demands among the drug addicts.

Dilip Srivastav, zonal director of NCB, said, “The trafficking of synthetic drugs over natural drugs have increased a lot among the citizens.”

By interrogating the detained traffickers, the investigators got to know that these drugs are widely used in high-level parties, rev party and in night clubs. It has been found that people from well-to-do families have become addicted to these drugs.

It is alarming that the youths have become addicted to these drugs. The following chart reveals the amount of drugs recovered from several parts of the city in the previous years :

In order to find peace and run away from the problems of life, the youths, a major part of the society, have become addicted to synthetic drugs. These drugs make one’s thoughts lazy. But on the other hand, the mind becomes cheerful too. This is why its demand has increased. But it needs to be remembered that synthetic drugs have more adverse effects than natural drugs.

Overdose of synthetic drugs can lead to death too. The NCB investigators have found
out after thorough investigation that the traffickers have targetted the youths of the city mainly. However, the NCB officials have begun looking for such traffickers already.

Reporting by: Sweta Bhattacharya
Edited by: Saheli Dey