Special Breeding Mechanism Gave Birth Of Foreign Bird In Alipore Zoo

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Kolkata: Kolkata Alipore Zoo has introduced a new breeding mechanism. A special cage has been introduced where four Australian bird Lutino Parakit have been born. The zoo authority said, we were trying for it for last one year.

The 150 years old zoo have succeeded researching for one after another breeding mechanism. Tigon, Litigon born in a cross-breed system. Reptiles born under artificial reproduction system. Paithon born in artificial reproduction system from damaged eggs. Half dozen birds breeded in Alipore Zoo in last one month.

The head of Alipore Zoo Ashishkumar Samanta said, “Lutino Parakit is a parrot kind bird but small in size. There were no breed in last four years.”

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Talking on its reason to the media he said, “12 Lutino Parakit have been brought to the zoo four years ago. But no reproduction in these days.” Parallely, two years ago we get to know that the cage size is small for them and they take wide area to live as it hamper their lifecycle.

The authority said they are fine now and living with their mother. A special solution has been provided to them for summer. They arre mostly in yellow and green. A ornithologist found the kind in 1805. The average tenure is 10-15 years for a lutino if taken care properly.

Reported By: Souptik Banerjee