#SpeakForMe: Petition Website Against Aadhaar-Linking


New Delhi: Activists against the Aadhaar-linking drive have started a website called Speakforme.in to help frustrated citizens.

Here, people can file complaints against being continuously pestered via calls and texts about linking their Aadhaar numbers with various services.

In about three hours of going live, Speakforme.in received over 1,000 mails. That number has now crossed 3,000.

At Speakforme.in, people can write to their MPs, mobile operators, bank services, and other portals that are relentlessly calling, texting and reminding them about Aadhaar-linking.

Speakforme.in was started by a group of about 90 volunteers, says a report in TOI.
One to spearhead this campaign is IT professional Kiran Jonnalagadda, known for having worked for net neutrality and founded Internet Freedom Foundation.

“We want Parliament to discuss this. Everyone has been receiving harassing SMSes and calls to link their Aadhaar to mobile phones and bank accounts. This is coercion,” a TOI report quotes Jonnalagadda.

“The technology behind Aadhaar is broken in various ways. Coercion will make it worse. It has to be fixed before it is forced on people,” he said. People on Twitter have been talking and sharing about Speakforme.in since earlier today.

Source: India Today