SP leader faces woman’s wrath for eve teasing


Agra: A Samajwadi Party leader faces the wrath of a woman, who climb atop his car and smashed the windscreen for alleged eve teasing.

Winked at by the gunner of a Samajwadi Party functionary, a 23-year-old woman at an Agra traffic light not only jumped atop the local leader’s Mercedes, but smashed the windshield after tearing off the party flag on the bonnet. The video of the woman’s courage took social media by storm, with most people sharing links online saying that was the way to deal with eve teasers, however mighty they may be.

The 2 minute-video shows the woman on a scooty leaving her motorcycle behind to climb up the MLA aspirant’s car. She then uproots the SP flag fluttering at one end of the bonnet and uses it to break the vehicle’s windshield. Still simmering with rage, she then challenges Abhinav Sharma and his body guard to come out and face her.

According to eyewitnesses, the incident, which took place on Sunday evening when the woman along with her sister was going to see a doctor, happened just as the scooty stopped at a traffic intersection alongside the cavalcade of Sharma. All hell broke loose when the woman caught the gunner winking at her from inside the car.

Little while later cops also arrived at the scene and started dispersing the huge crowd that had assembled creating a traffic logjam in the area. But the woman refused to climb down from the car, demanding money for her damaged phone and an apology from the bodyguard. Finally, after a hour-long heated debate, the woman was paid Rs 6,500 as cost of her broken handset, and the matter was settled.