Sovan’s Political Career In Trouble, Speculations Rise Within TMC


Kolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee seems to be furious over former minister Sovan Chatterjee for resigning from his ministerial posts. After quitting from the ministerial posts, Mamata asked him to remove himself from the Mayor post too. Mamata said, “Prior to this, he tried to resign 4-5 times. It is not possible to hold back someone who wants to go.” Questions are now naturally arising that after Mayor’s post, will he be removed from the party too?

On terms of anonymity, a top TMC leader said, “The origin of the problem states back to long time before. Didi gave lot of time to Sovan to rectify himself. But the limit of her tolerance has broken. Since long time, Sovan was being discussed within the party. For being troubled due to personal problems, Sovan was not being able to perform well. For this reason, he was being let off of his responsibilities. Didi is so much angry with Sovan that she did not even mention his name for once at the core committee meeting of the party.” The leaders also added that, “One can stay in the TMC party out of their love for it. Maybe he has not been expelled from party, but has surely angered didi as it is clear after she asked him to move away from his Mayor position.”

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Sovan Chatterjee was not seen in Mamata Banerjee’s Kali Puja at his house despite the presence of other top TMC leaders. On Bhai Dooj also, Sovan did not go to Mamata’s house. As per sources, Sovan also do not have any contact with the top leaders of the TMC party.

Political analysts are wondering what will Sovan do now. BJP leader Mukul Roy had already said that several wickets of TMC will be down before the Lok Sabha polls. Will he join BJP?

Soon after Sovan’s resignation, Dilip Ghosh said, “Our door is open. But we will put a new so that anyone and everyone cannot come to our party.” However, political analysts believe that, “There is some other story behind Sovan’s resignation. He did not take such a big decision in order to join BJP.”