Sovan, Sabyasachi & Baisakhi Likely To See On Same Stage


Kolkata: Former mayor of Kolkata Sovan  Chatterjee, Mayor of Bidhannagar, Sabyasachi Dutt and Baisakhi Banerjee can be seen on a same stage. Sovan Chatterjee and Sabyasachi are likely to speak at a seminar on a Sunday in a city-based auditorium of a voluntary organization. Two other speakers of the program Baisakhi Banerjee and Divya nanda Maharaj.

According to the Bengal Thinks organizers of the program Sovan, Sabyasachi and Baisakhi Banerjee will come and give speech. The entrepreneurs are 100 percent sure that they will come.

The title of the program is titled ‘Religion of Today, Bengal, Religion and the direction of politics’. Why are Sovan Chattopadhyay, Sabyasachi Dutt and Baisakhi Banerjee are selected? On behalf of the entrepreneurs, Dipto Baksi said, “Why are they not selected?

They have long been in politics. The audience will be rich when they hear about the perception of them just because that they are aware of that society. Apart from this, Divya Nanda Maharaj is a spiritual person.

But the organizers dismissed any political attachment. One of the organizers Dipto added that “No political party attachment with us. I’m an economist. We have created several organizations. There is no political purpose. “