‘Baisakhi Please Takes Care Of Mamata Didi’


Kolkata: Recently Sovon Chatterjee in the headlines in Bengal’s politics, is perhaps the last of those Romeo-Juliet, Laila-Majnu breed of lovers who chose to renounce their family, fortune, fame, even faith for their sweethearts. The Triangle love story turned into a another twist when fourth character entered into the their love story.

আমার মতো দিদিমণিরও যত্ন নিও: বৈশাখীকে শোভন-বার্তা

Many ups and down observed in Bengal Politics in recent times. But Nobody assumed that Sovon Chatterjee alias ‘Kanan of Bengal’ is also a kind hearted man. Sovon recently said to her beloved that “You also take care of our Didi as you care me right now. You will be her side when she is old.” Baisakhi Banerjee, who is recently criticized for ‘Sovon’s Kalbaishaki,’ said to Kolkata24x7 in an exclusive interview.

Baisakhi Banerjee has never told this before just because of her friend. But recently Baisakhi criticized and that’s why she opened the mouth for her beloved friend Sovon.

Trinamul Congress (TMC) veteran Sovan Chatterjee is blessed. His ‘daak naam‘ is Kanan; it means garden. In fact, even chief minister Mamata Banerjee refers to him by that name. It is being said that Sovan’s intimacy with college teacher Baisakhi Banerjee has led to this political denouement.

‘If Sovan Leaves TMC, Baishakhi Will Leave Sovan’

Sovon Chatterjee is one of the best key aide of Mamata Banerjee. He is always beside the Didi when in needs. He has been carrying chief minister’s bag for a long time, ignoring the ridicule of the opponents. Sovon used to take food from his home for Didi. His loyalty did not diminish even after he withdrew from the post and power. He repeatedly sent a message to the leader of the party.

For the first time after the resignation of Sovan Chattopadhyay, when Baisakhi opened his mouth, she said, “There is a big misunderstanding somewhere. It is difficult to say that who said what to Mamata Banerjee. I saw on paper that what say Ratnadevi (Shovon’s wife), Mamata di is also saying that same thing. I told Sovan da, go and tell everything to the Mamata Banerjee.” Sovan da replied that, Mamata Di knows everything! Maybe she has heard the others. ”


Baisakhi also said to us, “If I had the greed for power, why should I stay with Sovan Chattopadhyay, even after all, I would not call him ‘a friend of mine. I am always grateful to my beloved friend.”