‘Sovan Is Finished Due To Some Dirty People’


Kolkata: Sovan Chatterjee’s wife Ratna Chatterjee accused Sovan and Baisakhi for his present condition. “Sovan is finished due to some dirty people.” This is how Ratna Chatterjee reacted to Sovan resigning from all his ministerial posts. It needs no mention that her attacks were aimed at Baisakhi.

In such a situation, his wife did not stay by his side In an interview given to a news channel, Ratna Chatterjee supported Mamata Banerjee instead. She said, “Mamata didi had no other option. She made the party with hard work. This party is like her child. She cannot let someone destroy it.”

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Ratna also said that Sovan was close to Mamata and hence she gave him such responsibilities. But trust could not hold everything. Didi tried explaining to him, but failed. According to her, “Mamata didi tried explaining to him a lot. She tried bringing Sovan back to the mainstream. He was a man of good work. But that person was not being able to do any work. He was given lots of responsibilities. But he failed to perform those responsibilities. Hence, didi could do nothing.”