Sovan Comes Out Of His Flat & Goes To…


Kolkata: Mayor Sovan Chatterjee was seen coming out of his house on Wednesday afternoon. But it is unclear as to where did he go.

According to his close aides, he did not go to the municipality as it is a holiday on Wednesday. But on the other side, Sovan is expected to tender his resignation from the post of Mayor. Does this indicate that he went to meet his ‘friend’ Baisakhi Banerjee to discuss before resigning?

Sovan had in the past said several times that Baisakhi is his friend in times of bad times, one who always gave him courage and saved him from trouble.

After heated argument with chief minister Mamata Banerjee, Sovan Chatterjee resigned from his ministerial posts. It was already clear that he will resign from his post of Mayor on Wednesday as per instructions by CM. But coincidentally, Wednesday is a holiday. Baisakhi also did not go to her college due to the same reason. Does that mean she is waiting at her house for her friend.

However, the municipal corporation is open for Sovan on Wednesday and its is known that he will submit his resignation to chairman Mala Roy. But where did the Mayor go? Everyone is waiting to know the answer.