Sovan Chatterjee Sends Resignation


Kolkata: Through his security guard, Sovan Chatterjee sends his resignation from his post of ‘Mayor’ to the Kolkata Municipal Corporation on Thursday. He did not go himself, but have sent it through his security guard.

On Wednesday, Sovan informed the media that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee asked him to tender resignation from the post of Mayor. But he did not say when he will resign.

On Tuesday afternoon, Sovan Chatterjee suddenly resigned from his two portfolios. But he did not leave his Mayor post on that day. Sovan had said, “The resignation will be tendered at the right time.” However, it was heard that several within the party were trying hard so that he does not leave the Mayor post. But that did not happen at the end.

Many members of Mamata’s family personally likes Sovan and they did not want Sovan to lose all posts. They tried explaining to Mamata too. According to a TMC leader close to Sovan, “Sovanda has helped several. Everyone is not selfish.”

Sovan however, did not think of power as he said previously that his friend Baisakhi Banerjee’s respect comes first to him.

KMC chairperson Mala Roy said that she received and accepted Sovan Chatterjee’s resignation. The next step will be decided in the meeting on Thursday evening.