Sovan Chatterjee Is A Kind-Hearted Man Man: Baisakhi


Kolkata: Relationship with a college professor became a matter of hot gossip amongst the party and press in Bengal. With work suffering, Mamata Banerjee had given Sovan friendly warning several times. By taking away environment ministry from him, a message was sent to shape up or ship out.

The people of bangla has been listening Ratna, Sovan and Baisakhi love triangle for a long time. The fourth character ‘Chiku’ alias Abhijit Gangopadhyay entered the triangle on Wednesday. Baisakhi Bandyopadhyay, the mysterious character of this novel, did not come in front of the media till yesterday. Sovan’s wife, Ratnadevi, said that Baishakhi was responsible for Mayor’s current situation.

Baisakhi said, “In order to make Abhijith rich, she (Ratna Bandyopadhyay) has done a lot of business,”. He never showed any miserliness about money. So what was the need to do business in the dark? ”

On the one hand, Sovan is standing beside his girlfriend. Baisakhi uttered that, “When a good man was passing through bad times, nobody felt the need to inform him. I’ve given him to the medicines. I have taken care of his eating. ”

Ratna Chattopadhaya’s father, Trinamool legislator Dulal Das blames Baishaki already. Baishakhi replied, “I did not start friendship with his words that I would finish my friendship after listening to him.”