Sovan & Baisakhi Spotted At Gangakutir Resort: Ratna Alleged


Kolkata: The pages of untold Sovan-Ratna-Baishakhi story is came into limelight one by one. Already this story hit in the Bengal’s political market. Everyone show their interest in this love triangle. Suddenly the story takes a new turn. A new character entered the story and gives fuel to the fire.

Sovan Chatterjee brought the affair of his wife into limelight on Wednesday. And on Thursday, Baishakhi Banerjee added fuel to the fire with her comment.

On this evening, in an interview with an electronic media, Sovan said, Ratna Chattopadhyay has an relation from 2005-06 with Abhijeet Gangopadhyay alias Chiku. They spoke over phone day and night. Even with the son’s tutor, Ratna spent time in the bedroom till midnight, alleged Sovan.

Baishakhi claimed that Ratna thought she had told Sobhan Chattopadhyay about this. She did not tell it. Rather than knowing this information from his Sejda, Sovan Chatterjee alleged.
After hearing this Ratna said that Baisakhi’s allegation is baseless because she was in London and her Sejvasur was in Maharashtra on the Saptami.

Ratna also told to the media that Sovan and Baisakhi spent time together at a resort named Gangakutir near Raichak. At first, son’s friend seen them on the resort and after that she got the news from son.