South Indian Actress Candid About Relationship With Dhoni


Chennai: Fans and followers of M.S. Dhoni are well aware of his rumoured relationship with a renowned South Indian actress which has rekindled once again just 3 days before the release of Dhoni’s biopic.

Curiosity has heightened about M.S. Dhoni’s alleged relationship with Lakshmi Rai. Fans want to know how long did their relationship go on, will it be shown in the upcoming biopic ? Did they think of taking their love a step further ? Did they decide to get married ?

But unfortunately, Lakshmi has expressed concerns about their relationship getting public. She said, “I feel startled when I think about this. People are bringing back my past without any reason. I and Dhoni dated each other at 2008’s IPL. 8 years have passed by. We are not in any relation today.”

Lakhsmi further said, “We never thought of marrying each other. We did not even date each other for a year even. Our chemistry did not strike a goal. So we never thought of taking such a huge step.”

Lakshmi further spoke about Dhoni’s personal life. She said, “It is not that Dhoni just dated me, he dated other girls too. We have chosen different paths today. Hence, any discussion on this topic is irrelevant.”

Lakshmi added,” Actually, a relationship between a cricketer and an actor always gives an opportunity for a good gossip. I can see that many are spreading rumours. Anyways, I would want that our relationship is not shown in the biopic.”