South-Eastern Railway Initiative To Boost Cashless Transaction


Kolkata: South-Eastern railway took initiative to enhance cashless transactions in ticket counter, Parcel offices, luggage booking offices and advance ticket booking center using point of sell machine. Now POS will be installed in the food-stalls of railway stations.

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal on March said, POS will be installed to stop misuse of money. Passengers will pay exact money by debit or credit card using POS.

Though the passengers would not get the facility while travelling in train but foodstall on platform will offer this. Recently the Point Of Selling machine has been installed in Shalimar and Kharagpur station. Public Relation Officer of South Eastern Railway Sanjay Ghosh said, many station will get the facitity in next few days.

According to South-Eastern railway source, among the four division including metropoliton city stations, sub-urb and non-suburb branch passengers reservation system(PRS), Unreserved Ticketing System, parcel Offices total 488 POS machine ahve been installed.

Initially the faciility started in the PRS counters. Now the service has been motion in UTS counters. Few of the cateering service also availed the facility.

South-Eastern Railway PRO Sanjay Ghosh said, south-eastern railway is upgrading everyrthing under digital india scheme. Presently we are introducing the service in the foodstalls but soon we will get the service in train.

According to South-Eastern Railway, passengers will be able to avail the service in all section without UTS mobile application where passengers and customers will buy the ticket through POS machine.

Reported By: Debjani Sarkar.

Edited By: Susmita Das.