Sourav & Manan Qualifies As No 1 In World Events


New Delhi: Kolkata based cueist Sourav Kothari (ONGC) and Delhi’s Manan Chandra (BPCL) succeeded to qualify for all World events of their respective categories for the year 2016.

Kothari, who won the National Billiards Championship earlier this year, started up in the selection trails with 4000 points and earned 2916 and 3240 to accumulate a total of 10156 points and retain his No.1 position.

In Billiards, 15-time world champion, Bangalore based Pankaj Advani of ONGC raised himself from No.5 to No.2 and confirmed his participation in all World events. Advani earned 3600 points to make a total of 9810.

In Snooker, Manan Chandra remained No.2 and earned 3240 each to make a total of 10040 and finished as No.1 followed by Mumbai based Ishpreet Chadha (GAIL), who earned 2916 and 3600, to make up 9400 and became No.2.

However, in upcoming Team Snooker Championship at Egypt, Manan will pair with Advani as he has already been selected to represent India after being winner of prestigious IBSF World Snooker Championship last year.