Sourav Ganguly: From 22 yards to Bengalee’s Drawing Room


He has taught Indian Cricket, the new language of aggression. He has taught Indians how to overcome all obstacles of life and taste success at the end. He resides in the hearts of all Bengalees. From 22 yards, he has made his way to the drawing room and has become the darling of the moms and aunts of the Indian family through his popular Bengali game show. In a cricket crazy generation, if the fanatics refer Sachin Tendulkar as the GOD, Sourav Ganguly is undoubtedly the phoenix of Indian Cricket.

The man is associated with controversy, aggression, ambition and fighting instinct. He is one of those persons who had become the symbol of India when Cricket was going through one of the most turbulent times in the country. Not only Sourav Ganguly’s posters had made its way in the wall and the almirahs of the middle class youth’s but also, India’s favourite Dada has made his way in the auricles and ventricles of the generation and taught the nation a new language of fighting and coming back in the mainstream affairs of life. Well, these facts are not unknown to the people, feels Saptarshi Sarkar, the author of “Sourav Ganguly,:Cricket,Captaincy and Controversy…” Sarkar in this book on Ganguly has unveiled the other side of Sourav Ganguly which very much existed in the Prince Of Calcutta. Keeping aside the adrenalin factor, the book discloses facts and figures which make Sourav the undisputed leader of the 22 yards.

Saptarshi Sarkar
Saptarshi Sarkar

This is not the first time that a book has been written on Ganguly. But on previous occasions the works were completed when he was still insto the game. After his retirement, the cricket lovers did not get any book which would throw light on Dada’s entire career in a retrospect. Considering this USP, Saptarshi Sarkar’s book is a unique possession. After a detailed study of the career and life of Sourav, Sarkar has come up with the book. The pages contain some unknown data which are not available in the internet.

But why Sourav Ganguly? The question gets addressed by Saptarshi as he says that his interest grew on Sourav during the turbulent Ganguly-Chappel era. At that time, he observed that Sourav was victimized by some of the national media just because his title was ‘Ganguly’. Infact, at that time, Sarkar and his friend, Angshuman Mukherjee had started a website protesting against the then scenario. Unbelievably, they got huge response through e-mails at that time. That was one of the foremost incidents that fuelled today’s ‘Sourav Ganguly,:Cricket,Captaincy and Controversy’. Saptarshi claims that the book will write off the fine line between Sourav as a person and a cricketer. He believes that the readers will get an account one of the most cherished phases of Indian cricket through this biography. Sourav Ganguly is known as a global icon. Apart from India, the Royal Bengal Tiger’s popularity knows no bound in the Pakistan soils even. So, one can feel that a biography on Sourav is sure to get an international acclaimation.

Saptarshi Sarkar is professionally an I-T worker. In a way, his profession has acted as a boon to the author. Not being involved in the game directly, Saptarshi has managed to put up a portrait of Sourav Ganguly sans emotion, sentiment and the adrenalin rush. His data analysis uncovers a new Dada who is very much the Hero and the the fighting sentiment of all Indians. The book does not instill Sourav in one’s heart. It nails the spirit of Dada within the soul of every human being.