Somen Mitra’s Party Workers Spoiled His Press Meet


Kolkata: Soumen Mitra, the new the president of state Congress. Whose presence in the party has brought joy for his followers. But the Congress veteran leader’s press meet took a chaotic turn after some of his party workers started to behave indecently with the journalists during the meet. Apparently, the leader had to open his mouth to control the situation.

In 1998, Soumen Mitra was in the controller of state Congress. In the meantime Mamata Banerjee amid the internal politics of the party, gave birth to Trinamool Congress, well Mamata was few steps ahead of popularity than Soumen then. And that was reflected in the results of the 1998 Lok Sabha polls. Soumen Mitra resigned from the post of Congress president on the responsibility of losing the party.

Nearly, after two decades,state has witnessed many memorable events of state politics. After leaving the Congress, Soumen Mitra formed a new party named, Pragatisheel Indira Congress. Later, the Congress veteran joined TMC. But his political journey didn’t end here he has he has returned to his old flock again. Now he has returned as a President of the Congress.

His followers, the congress workers became reckless with the return of their favourite leader into the party. Hence they gave slogan of their party.But their frenzy didn’t stop here, they started to behave indecently with the journalists present in the press meet of the Congress veteran leader and it continued for a long while. Apparently, the new captain of state Congress had to take the situation in his control.

Grieving over the whole incident, Congress President Soumen Mitra said, “There is several speculations coming in, many people have said a lot. But please do not add me into anything without any information.”