Soumen Mitra Raises Question At Mamata’s Durga Puja Grants


Kolkata: On September 10, 2018 Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has announced that her government will give Rs 10000 each to all Durga Puja committees across the state. The Congress leader Somen Mitra on Wednesday has raised a question at CM’s capability of affording such amount.

On this day, former Congress President Somen Mitra has made five tweets all the Durga Puja Committees regarding the grant of funds on behalf of the state government. There he has asked this question.

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Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday held a preparatory meeting with the representatives of various Durga Puja organising committees in Kolkata. At the meeting Mamata announced that state government will give Rs 10000 each to all Durga Puja committees. The gross expenditure will be Rs 28 crores.

On Wednesday the Bengal politics’“Chhorda”asked the question in his first tweet, he wrote- “Whose money is this? Surely this is not Hon’ble Chief Minister’s money. But the attitude is as such that she herself is giving the donations from her own share of money.”
Mitra again questioned regarding the Durga Puja grant of Mamata Banerjee government’s in his second tweet. In his statement, “Commoners have handed over the responsibility of protecting the government treasury to the Chief Minister. And the day after day she has neglected the responsibility.”

At the same time, he also dragged the issue of multiple financial grants by the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. In the third tweet, he wrote, “Before this club-donation, ex-gratia for those who died drinking toxic alchohol grants in festivals, religious allowance, Now the Pujo Committees are also added to the list.”

Somen Mitra questioned, “The government has 13 times canceled the tenders of Rs 3 million for the repair of the bridge, They are only now spending Rs 28 crores in the name of grants to the Puja Committees.”

He has also raised a question at Bengal’s intellectuals for not raising the voice on this issue. After this, he finally questioned at Mamata Banerjee’s capability’s on donations. In his last tweet he wrote, “The wealth in the government treasury is neither mine nor yours.Do the Chief Minister have the right to invest those money?”