Sony Pulls Plug On Its TrackID App

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New Delhi: In the world of Android these days, manufacturers are trying to move closer to the stock Android experience.

All the custom launchers are becoming leaner and akin to Google’s Pixel launcher.
Additional apps that replicated Google’s versions are being axed in favour of a less bloaty OS experience. Sony is the latest one hog the limelight here by dropping support of its Shazam rivalling TrackID app.

The TrackID app had been a part of all Sony Xperia devices before this year’s Xperia XZ and Xperia XZ Premium. The service was an alternative to the Shazam music recognition service exclusively for Xperia devices.

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Users had to record a clip of any song and allow the service to track the name as well as the source of the song. The app was a part of Sony’s efforts for suggesting that the Xperia smartphones were the ultimate solution for a music-oriented smartphone.

While there’s no official statement yet on Sony’s decision, it seems that the Japanese technology giant wanted to de-bloat it UI for the Xperia devices. It could also be possible that the company found it useless to maintain the service as users were happier with the likes of Shazam.

If you are a Xperia user and have been using the app for a while, it would be wise to switch to Shazam or other similar services as the TrackID servers will be brought down by 15 September 2017 . Also, users will lose playlists and all other TrackID data as well.