Sonu Nigam Met The Guy Who Gave Him Rupees 12

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Mumbai:  Remember how Sonu Nigam conducted a social experiment with ‘Being Indian’ by dressing up as a beggar and singing at a street corner? People saw him sing and they gathered around but neither did anyone recognize him, nor did anyone help him out.

Except for one guy who not only recorded his voice because he loved it so much, but also gave the beggar Sonu Nigam Rs 12 so that he could get something to eat.

Sonu Nigam later expressed his desire to meet this kind hearted man and talk to him. He even framed the money he received from him and kept it in his office claiming that the Rs 12 he got then was equivalent to the lakhs of rupees for him.

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Being Indian’ made that happen. They tracked down the guy and introduced him to Sonu Nigam during a live chat Sonu was having with his fans, on Facebook. Some good things are meant to happen and some good people are meant to meet.