Sons Re-Enact Mythical Character Shravan Kumar, Sets Example


New Delhi: Re-enacting the role of Shravan Kumar, the mythical character who carried his old parents on a kanwar(sling), four brothers from Haryana’s Palwal carried their parents to a pilgrim site from Hardiwar to Mansa Devi on a kanwar.

Even though their parents were able to walk on their own, the four chose to carry them on the ‘kanwar’, to spread a message of love and respect.

“We do not have any problem like Shravan Kumar’s parents. We only want to send a message to those who disrespect their parents,” said the father.

Mahendar, one of the sons, said that they took this step to make people realise the importance of their parents.

“These days children treat their parents very badly. We saw our neighbours misbehaving with their parents and then we decided to carry our parents on kanwar to set an example for others,” he said. The four took their parents to the pilgrim site on a kanwar last year also.