Sonika’s Family Lodged FIR Against Vikram


Kolkata: More than 48 hours after the death of model Sonika Singh Chauhan in a car crash on Rashbehari Avenue, the victim’s family on Monday has lodged a specific complaint against actor Vikram Chatterjee who was at the wheels when the accident took place. The Chauhan family has specifically wanted to know whether the actor was drunk and whether that caused the accident.

গাড়ি দুর্ঘটনায় পূর্ণ তদন্তের আরজি সোনিকার পরিবারের

“They have asked us to look into Vikram’s role and take appropriate action against the accused if proven guilty,” said an officer. The complaint was made at Tollygunge but a top officer indicated the case is likely to be handled by Lalbazar. “Tollygunge police, with technical help of detective department, will look into the case,” he said. “We have found the sections slapped against the actor suo motu by us to be sufficient to cover the charges made by the family,” claimed another senior officer.

Though, the cops are yet to record the statement of Chatterjee. Top IPS officers at Lalbazar insisted Vikram was still not fit to face questioning. However, Ruby hospital authorities, where Vikram is presently undergoing treatment, said the actor might be released in the next 48 hours if his condition remains stable. “We have been asked to inform police before his release,” said a source.

Police said the actor has to record his statement at the earliest. “We will let him recover but he cannot escape questioning,” claimed an officer, they are even mulling recording his statement before a magistrate. Sources said a probable questionnaire that will be put before the actor is ready. “Based on the car’s mechanical test and the CCTV footage of the area, we have come upon certain possibilities. Only recording the statement of the actor will help us ascertain the truth,” said a source.

Sources in Lalbazar said one of the theories forwarded by experts was that the actor might have dozed off while speeding. “There is an 80-metre drag mark on the road. Yet, even after analysing footage from CCTVs installed nearby, we have not been able to locate any other vehicle crossing that particular lane around that time. Hence, it’s crucial that we seek Vikram’s help in locating the other car that his family is talking about,” said an officer.

Similarly, the mechanical test has suggested that the car was being driven way above the maximum speed limit fixed for Rashbehari Avenue. “We want to ascertain the conditions under which this became a necessity,” claimed a source. Cops also want to ascertain which portion of the car hit Sonika that left her bleeding profusely from her ears and nose leading to her death.