Sonika’s Death Case Takes A New Turn, Beer Bottle Found In Car


Kolkata: Model-anchor Sonika Chauhan was killed in a car accident. Thereafter, several people speculated that his actor friend Vikram Chatterjee who was driving the car was apparently drunk. While earlier he denied all the charges in the same regard saying that he was neither intoxicated and nor speeding at that time, now he has eventually admitted that he was drunk on the day of the accident.

বিক্রমের গাড়িতে বিয়ারের বোতল, চলন্ত গাড়িতেই কি মদ্যপান বিক্রমের?

Now the case takes a new turn. On Thursday morning forensic department recovered beer bottle from Vikram’s car.  Was Vikram drinking alcohol in moving car? Forensic department has re- examined the car on Thursday for the third time to collect samples. Then officials got the beer bottles from one corner of the car. Apart from these two cigarettes packets have also recovered.

Admitting that he was drunk, Vikram said that he drank within limits and that he was sober while driving. Furthermore, he also revealed during police interrogation that he was not intoxicated. Now beer bottle may land him in trouble for his earlier lying. Police may summon for this.

বিক্রমের সঙ্গে ভালো সম্পর্ক থাকা নায়িকা অরুণিমার গাড়িও দুর্ঘটনার কবলে

Moreover, several eyewitnesses revealed to Times Now that they saw him drinking, while he had been earlier denying of the same. The channel also got access to a video from the party they attended the same day in which he can be seen holding a drink in his hand. Later, Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee ordered a probe in the case. Perhaps, this is what instigated him to reveal the truth.

The incident took place on April 29. While Sonika died on spot, Vikram suffered head injuries. He was booked for rash driving. However, he was later released on bail.

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