Sonika Chauhan Death Case: Petition Filed Against Actor Vikram Chatterjee On Charges Of Murder


Kolkata: The government lawyer has filed a petition against actor Vikram Chatterjee on the charge of section 302 in the Sonika Singh Chauhan’s death case on Wednesday.

The accused actor Vikram Chatterjee has earlier appealed before the court for release.The Public prosecutor has strongly objected to the hearing in this matter.

Based on the evidence that has been found so far in this case the actor Vikram Chatterjee was charged with Sec-302 (charges of direct murder case). The next hearing will be on October 9.

Sonika was killed in a fatal car crash on April 29. Vikram, who was driving the vehicle, survived the accident, and questions have been raised ever since about whether he was inebriated.

In the hours after the accident, Chatterjee was only booked under Indian Penal Code 304 A (causing death by rash or negligent act), a bailable offense that carries a maximum jail time of two years. Chatterjee was later granted bail.