Sonia thanks Mamata for showing the path of protest


New Delhi: After reaching New Delhi last night, WB CM Mamata Banerjee dropped into the Parliament on Tuesday. According to reports, she was seen exchanging courtesy words with Congress President Sonia Gandhi. She had even extended her congratulatory words to Sonia for voicing against the presetnt NDA government in the Parliament. According to sources, Sonia thanked Mamata for this gesture and is marked to have said that she was just following the way of West Bengal CM. It is Mamata who had actually shown Sonia the path to stage a protest and raise voice against any form of corruption, said Sonia. Mamata is scheduled to meet Delhi CM Kejriwal for a meeting later in the night and she will be meting Modi to discuss the food shortage and the financial help that the Centre must provide due to the Flood Hit Condition of Bengal.