Sonia & Rahul Likely To Join Brigade In Kolkata To Boost Party’s Strength


Kolkata: The government has already called brigade meeting to tell its strength before the Lok Sabha elections. The BJP and the Left have taken the challenge of to show their strength. But congress is very far from this fight. Now the Congress party is preparing to join the ‘Brigade Bharao’ campaign to show their last strength.

Party president Rahul Gandhi and former president Sonia Gandhi likely to join the brigade. But all depends on the crowd of Rani Rashmoni Road meeting on December 12.

A few days ago, AICC observer of West Bengal, Gaurav Gogoi, asked Congress president Somen Mitra that is there any possible to hold a brigade? Somen Mitra replied, “They do not have the power to fill the brigade. It is possible to hold a meetings on Shaheed Minar, Rani Rashmoni Road too. ” Later, Somen Mitra confessed to their organizational disability in front of the press. He also said that the Congress will hold a meeting against Trinamool and BJP on December 12 in Rani Rashmoni Road.