Sonia Gandhi Addresses Rally In Bengal


Canning: Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Tuesday dubbed PM Narendra Modi and CM Mamata Banerjee’s combo as a “threat to Indian democracy” claiming that if any of these parties come to power in the state, it would be the “dangerous for West Bengal”.

Addressing a rally here, Sonia said, “Modi aur Mamata ki yeh milibhagat loktantra aur WB kay liye khatarnaak hai.”

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“Pradhan Mantri Modi aapki machliyon ko bacha nahii saktay. Jab Modiji machliyon ko nahii bacha saktay voh desh kii seemaon ko kya bachayenge,” she added.

Further hitting out at the Prime Minister, the Congress president said, “The way Modi Govt is working,it is dangerous for democratic values, secularism and democracy as whole.”

She further said, “Modi ji ne bhi aapko sunehre sapne dikhaye thhe lekin ab aapko unse saavdhaan rehne ki zaroorat hai.”

“Trinamool showed you some dreams some years ago & duped you to vote for them. Modiji did same two years ago,” said Gandhi while targeting the Mamata government in West Bengal.