Sonia Blamed Mulayam For Not Supporting Her PM Dream: Swamy


New Delhi: Commenting on former law minister Hansraj Bhardwaj’s claim that the UPA-I government wanted to dissolve the Mulayam Singh dispensation in Uttar Pradesh, Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) leader Subramanian Swamy on Friday said that Congress president Sonia Gandhi blamed the Samajwadi Party supremo for not supporting her dream of becoming the Prime Minister of India, and therefore vouched for imposing President rule in UP.

Swamy told media that Sonia Gandhi was always suspicious of Mulayam Singh.

“I am not surprised. Sonia Gandhi, especially hates Mulayam, and wanted to take revenge ever since 1999 when Mulayam Singh refused to support her when she wanted to become the Prime Minister of India,” said Swamy.

“Sonia is very suspicious of Mulayam. In 2004, she could not become Prime Minister because of a legal bar. But in 1999 she had gone to the President and made a claim to become the PM. She said she had majority of 272 seats but Mulayam Singh who had 32 MPs, rightly refused because it was decided by everybody who contributed in the bringing down of the NDA government that Sonia Gandhi will not be the candidate,” he added.

Swamy further said that by claiming the chair of Prime Minister Sonia sought to break the consensus and left many.

Swamy also accused Sonia Gandhi of betraying Bhardwaj, “Bhardwaj is a knowledgeable person, he has been very loyal to the Nehru family. He stood as a rock with the Nehru-Gandhi family in their difficult times. He knows the law well and Sonia dumped him blatantly and terminated his political career because he knew too much, perhaps after the Quattrocchi affair.”

“I don’t blame him if he now feels that the truth about Sonia Gandhi should come out in the open and that’s why, all of it is coming out. We welcome it, we encourage him to do more,” he added.

Bhardwaj had earlier said that the Congress-led UPA-I wanted to impose President’s rule in Uttar Pradesh following reports of mismanagement and corruption in the state.

“The then Governor of Uttar Pradesh used to brief the Congress about the crippled law and order, mismanagement and corruption in state The Congress Party, especially the Congress president, wanted to impose President’s rule in Uttar Pradesh,” said Bhardwaj.

“When I was asked to give my opinion, I advised the Congress that Mulayam Singh government could not be dismissed only on the grounds of corruption, and that if the Governor wants, Singh can be prosecuted because at that time, he had already proved his majority on the floor of the house and to suspend him was not necessary,” he added.

Bhardwaj further said that then Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh was also in dilemma over the decision as the Congress’ Core Group was in favour of dissolution of the Uttar Pradesh Government.