Sonali’s ‘Didigiri’ In Satgachia

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Kolkata: “I am the deputy speaker, throw those CPM agents out of the polling booth.”, dictates Sonali Guha to her orderlies. The ‘didigiri’ of Mrs. Guha has sparked furore in the political circle.

Sonali Guha ,TMC candidate from Satgachia, threatened to beat and throw out a CPM activist allegedly for a malfunctioning EVM machine.

The EVM Machine of booth 109 of the Kashibati in Satgachia became malfunt in the morning. Sonali Guha had started a sit-in protest in front of a booth to protest against the EVM machine. After assurance from the Election Commission, she withdrew her protest. Later on she was heard threatening to thrash the CPM agent, over the phone. Sonali accused that the CPM activists had intentionally made the EVM machine malfunct.

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On the other hand, she was prevented from entering booths 39,40 and 41 by the central forces. Later on , after assurance from the presiding officer to the central force that she is a candidate and allowed to enter the booth, she was given permission.

The Election Commission had asked for a report on this matter. An FIR has  been lodged against Sonali Guha by the Election Commission.