Sonakshi decides to learn a new hobby


Mumbai:  Dabangg actress Sonakshi Sinha has found a new stress buster. The Sinha girl will soon be seen sonakshi-sinha-photoshoot-2013-3594138performing hi-end stunts for Murugadoss’s action flick ‘Akira’. The actress has worked quite hard to get the action right. Now the girl has decided to learn a new hobby.

The ‘Tevar’ actress is also launching her home production with brothers Luv & Kush. Now as she is doing one film ‘Akira’, has decided to learn a new instrument ie drums. Sonakshi Sinha has confessed that she has always been a fan of drums since her childhood. Now her drum classes are her biggest stress busters, after a tiring day of work.
Sonakshi Sinha said, “I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the drums but never did. When I was in school, I expressed this desire to my mom, but she told me that drums are too noisy and will take up space, so I learned the guitar for awhile. When I had time off to train for “Akira,” the desire to learn the drums came back, and I thought that it was now or never and got myself a drum kit.”

We are sure that the Sinha girl will soon play the drums like a pro.