Son Preserved Corpse Of Mother In Refrigerator For 3 Years, Getting Pension


Kolkata: A son was preserving the dead body of his mother inside refrigerator for last 3 years. He was using some chemical to keep the body normal.

So it is another Robinson Street case at 25, James Long Sarani of Behala. Subhabrata Majumder was preserving his mother dead body. His father Gopal Majumder was staying at the same place knowing her wife will be alive someday. So they were preserving the body.

Police is suspecting there was a target of grabbing the pension of his mother. Subhabrata was using the thumb impression of his mother on the pension form to procure the pension which is around 50 thousand per month. They have produced life certificate each time. Reportedly, no government officials did not knock them in last two years. It is raising a question behind the incident.

রবিসনসন স্ট্রিটের স্মৃতি উস্কে ফ্রিজারে তিন বছর ধরে সংরক্ষিত মৃত মা

A development in investigation said, Subhabrata’s mother has died on April 7 of 2015. In an interrogation he said, he was preserving his mother body to alive his profound love for mother. Though the officials are not showing importance on the note. Investigators of Homicide department reached the spot and recovered preservative inside the house.

The incident further will be followed by post-mortem process. Subhabrata Majumder studied Leather Technology and known as a meritorious student. He was well aware of the fact of preserving a dead body. He had already alienated each part of the body so that the body do not get rotten. Their neighbour were totally unaware of such thrilling fact in their area as they did not get any smell.