Son Of Somnath Chatterjee Says Biman-Surya To Leave House

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Kolkata: Demise of Somnath Chtterjee has shattered the family as well the nation. Pratap Chatterjee, son of senior Chatterjee unfolded that past is still living alive.

The body of Somnath Chatterjee has been brought to his house at Raja Basant Roy Road where Sitaram Yechury, Secretary General of the Communist Party of India has come to pay his last salute to the ‘Unrecognised Comrade’. Interacting to Yechury, Pratap Chatterjee has expressed displeasure saying, “They have only exploited my father throughout his involvement, now showing courtesy which i won’t tolerate.”

Pratap Chatterjee has shouted when father’s body lying for the last rite. The voice mixed with annoyance and pain said in front of Sitaram Yechury, ” I told them to leave, instructed police so that nobody can enter, I don’t wanna see them within 300 meter.”

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Many questions are coming out od his behaviour. Politbereau has responded after 5 hours after his demise. Pratap Chatterjee sahrply said that, “Sitaram Yechury is heartily welcome but Biman Basu and Suryakanta can leave.” The family said Somnath Chatterjee kept safe distance with CPIM. But he was wise enough to maintain the line of personal relationship and party related issues and ideological differences. So, Sitaram Yechury was standing in a safe zone.

The situatiuon started to gain its conmplexity with the growing time. The lagislature member of CPIM Sujan Chakraborty tried to control the damages. Amidst so many turmoil Suryakanta Mishra and Biman Basu paid their last tribute. Biman Basu known as the angry young man of Alimuddin expressed a cold-loaded reply on this. He said, he is heavy-hearted as he lost his father. On the other hand he added, Somnath Chatterjee didn’t like his son Pratap Chatterjee at all.

So, CPIM has again came with their double standered attitude. Still carrying the old damage controlling mindset to get into something almost forcefully. An old practice and attitude close to ‘autocracy’.