Son Distributes Study Materials In Memory Of Father


Mecheda: In a praise-worthy incident, a son distributed books, copies and pencils
to school students on the occasion of his father’s funeral ceremony.

Mahadev Samanta believed that God is within human beings. His son Chandan Samanta
has followed his father’s ideals. The entire neighbourhood is proud of Chandan’s


Mahadev Samanta, resident of East Midnapore’s Mecheda, passed away on July 16. He
was a social worder and a theatre artist. His son distributed study materials to
200 students of local Shantipur Board Primary School. The school students, teachers
and even the locals have praised Chandan’s deed.


Chandan said, “I will distribute books pencils on my father’s death anniversary to
school students every year.”


The principal of the school lauded the effort and said, “We are very happy. We also
thank Chandan babu for distributing study materials among 200 students.”