Son Denied Treatment, Dies On Father’s Shoulder


Kanpur: In yet another incident of medical apathy, a man lost his son after he was allegedly denied admission in a government-run hospital.

Lala Lajpat Rai Hospital in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh allegedly denied admission to Sunil Kumar’s 12-year-old son and was asked to go to another hospital which was 250 meters away.

Without any assistance or stretcher, Kumar carried his son on his shoulder and brought him to the children’s hospital where he was pronounced dead.

“I ran with my child on my shoulder and when we reached the hospital no one attended us. No one provided any assistance for 30 minutes. And when we reached the children hospital, they said if I had come in 10 minutes before, my child would have been saved”, said Kumar.

Kumar had earlier taken his son to the local doctors, who suggested he went to a bigger hospital for treatment. The Lala Lajpat Rai college and hospital have launched a enquiry into the matter.

Few days ago, a man in Odisha had to carry his dead wife for 10 kms for her last rites after the hospital where she was admitted, denied him an ambulance.