Somen Mitra’s Comment On Party Raises Mystery


Kolkata: Congress has to stand on its own feet. Organizations must be strengthened. In an interview, such an announcement was made by the newly elected president Somen Mitra. It is not clear what he wants to say.

কংগ্রেসকে নিজের পায়ে দাঁড়াতে হবে: সোমেন

Is he not seeking a coalition with the left? Is he wants to go alone in the state? His message before Lok Sabha election 2019 is very important for the congress party.

Somen Mitra, is a strange character in the Congress. He has fought for the team. He came back to the party. He also elected as a president when the Lok Sabha elections knocks the door. Now can he score well in his second term? All answers will be cleared after Lok Sabha elections over.

Somen Mitra’s Party Workers Spoiled His Press Meet

There is a lot of potential for all anti BJP parties to be united against BJP. There is a clear possibility of coalition but at the same time his comment, “We have to stand on our own feet” raises speculations. Will he sing a song ‘Ekla Chalo Re’?

Somen Mitra said, “My first job is to strengthen the organization power. If we do not strengthen the organization, then there is no profit.” Besides, he is looking forward to boost up team-mates.

He said on Islampur incident that “It is a proof that there is no law and order situation in the state” Regarding the police role in the state, the new president also added that “the police station is being set on fire, on the other hand OC is crying here. The Congress president has questioned how they will protect the state.