Somen Mitra Worried About Party’s Present Condition


Kolkata: Somen Mitra became the Pradesh Congress president on September 21 and it has not been three months even. But the president seems to be worried about his party as factional feud within has already started and party workers have started leaving the party too.

After assuming office, Somen Mitra had said that he sat of a thrown full of thorns as he understood the situation then. After Somen came to power, several from the party assumed that the infighting will at least reduce a bit as he had from the beginning said that he will walk along with everyone. He had also tried compromising a bit so that no one is angry. But as per sources, that did not help. The Pradesh leadership will hold a rally at Rani Rashmoni Road on December 12.

According to sources, it is becoming a difficult task to bring men who will come in the rally. The problems the party faced when Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury was the chief, is same presently. However, the present president did not accept party infighting. He said instead, who said all these? There is no factional feud in Pradesh Congress.

In Somen Mitra’s tenure, the tradition of leaders leaving party also did not stop. On SUnday, Anupam Ghosh, close to Adhir, joined the BJP. As per sources, followers of Adhir are supposed to join BJP. There is also news that one district president is also supposed to join the BJP before the Lok Sabha polls.

However, Somen Mitra does not want to give importance to Anupam leaving the party and joining BJP. He said, “I do not know them. Staying in the party of these people is same as not staying the the party. There is no difference in staying and not staying of these people. Hence, we are not thinking about them quitting the party. These things have no importance.”