Somen Mitra Removes Coordinator Posts Made By Adhir


Kolkata: Adhir Chowdhury had appointed coordinator in some districts but newly elected Congress president Soumen Mitra removed this coordinators post.

The Pradesh congress committee hold a meeting on Tuesday. After the meeting, Somen Mitra told reporters that the district presidents did exactly what they were doing. But the coordinators will not be there again. But Adhir Chowdhury and and Santosh Pathak were absent in this meeting. After asking Somen Mitra about this, he told that they informed me already.

Under the leadership of Adhir Chowdhury, he made this new posts in 10-12 districts. The district presidents said that they were more important. Sources said, first Abdul Mannan told Somen Mitra to remove this post.

On Monday, Somen Mitra said that the party’s organization will be arranged on the basis of the president’s role, who will go to the district and submit the report. However, in response to the question that will Rahul Gandhi come to the Kolkata? President said, he will surely come but before that, the organization of the group must be strengthened.