Somebody Who Can Afford To Pay Has to pay: Union Minister Alphons Kannanthanam


Trivandrum: Union Minister KJ Alphons Kannanthanam justified the taxes on petrol and diesel stating that the money is used for the downtrodden and the poor. He was addressing the press on Saturday.

“It is an intentional decision taken by the government. So we are going to tax people who can afford to pay. Who buys petrol? Somebody who has got a car or bike. Certainly he is not starving. Somebody who can afford to pay has to pay,” he said.

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“Who owns a vehicle and can afford to pay, will have to pay,” says Union Minister Alphons Kannanthanam, while trying to explain the consistent rise in the fuel price for which the Centre has been facing backlash.

“Who buys petrol? Somebody who has a car, bike; certainly he is not starving. Somebody who can afford to pay, has to pay,” Kannanthanam told the media on Saturday.
Kannanthanam said that the government is working for the welfare of the downtrodden to ensure electricity in every village, build houses and toilets, for which money is needed and the ruling dispensation is not stealing that money from anyone.

The petrol and diesel prices have gone through the roof ever since the central government announced daily revision of fuel prices. Petrol price in Delhi on Tuesday was at Rs. 70.38 per litre, whereas in Mumbai a litre of petrol costs Rs. 79.48.