Some Magic steps to give your partner the ultimate pleasure !


Kolkata:  If you’re looking for a magic step-by-step method to give a girl an orgasm, then you have a lot to learn. The single most important piece of advice we can give you is to treat any woman like a completely new puzzle to work out.
We’re all different, and although there are some key points to consider, the most important thing is to work out what your particular girl needs to have an orgasm.

You can’t simply apply a ‘special technique’ and repeatedly try it. Listen to your woman, observe her and pay attention to how she reacts to what you are doing or not doing, and you’ll find out what you need to know soon enough.

Don’t just thrust away with the aim of making yourself ejaculate and keep your fingers crossed that this time she’ll have an orgasm.
You need to be the Sherlock Holmes of your sex life: investigate every physical, emotional and verbal clue she gives you that you’re doing things right.

‘The Slow Climb’, ‘Doggy Down’, ‘The Scissors’, ‘Reverse Cowgirl’, ‘Tabletop Tonk’, ‘Lap Dance’, ‘The Spoon’ These are some of the magic methods to give your partner the ultimate pleasure.

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