Some basic tips for amateur fashion photographers

Model- Nusrat Faria

Kolkata:   Who says fashion photography is all about the clothes? Without the right knowledge of exposure, lighting, composition and posing, even the most impressive clothes can look dull and lifeless when printed in a catalog or showcased online. 10711006_10204649205050860_1427382428828820625_n

Fashion photography is a challenging discipline that combines the normal elements of photography – exposure, composition and lighting – with the life and energy of a model and their clothing.

1507064_653841028094504_9197772945690444630_nIn this guide, you’ll learn how to shoot amazing fashion photos that capture the look and feel of your model and their clothing with ease. From studio shoot to on location photography, read on to learn how to become an expert fashion photographer.

Are you new to photography? Fashion photography requires an understanding of the basics of digital photography like exposure and composition. Before you begin, check out the EasyDSLR Digital Photography Course to master your digital camera. There are some easy and basic tips are given below for those photographers who are new in this profession. Read the points thoroughly.

1. Scout the location a day in advance
2. Make the model comfortable
3. Use the natural light
4. Use a flash as a light source for fashion photography
5. Use the correct lens for fashion photography
6. Use reference photos for poses
7. Experiment with camera angle
8. Focus on the eye                                                  Story: Siddhartha Sarkar

Model: Sandeepa Dhar
Model: Sandeepa Dhar