Soldiers Hit Floor During Parade


London: This is the unfortunate moment a soldier fainted during a parade to mark the 300th anniversary of the Light Dragoons. The cavalry regiment of the British Army were celebrating the incredible milestone at Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire and were marching alongside horses and tanks.

But for one soldier, the sense of occasion became too much when he collapsed in front of the crowds.

Pictures show the man, who was stood alongside the rest of his regiment, on the ground after falling forward as members of the Light Dragoons attempt to stay focussed and one goes to check on the soldier.soldier-1

He rescues him from the ground and brings him back to the rest of the troop while another picks up his bayonet and hat.

The parade showcased the development in technology used by the light cavalry regiment, who started out on horse-back and whose history includes the Battle of Waterloo and the Charge of the Light Brigade.

More recently members of the Light Dragoons – who now use Jackal Fighting Vehicles – were deployed to Iraq in 2003 to assist with the stabilisation of the country after Saddam Hussein’s regime was toppled.

The regiment was also deployed on tours of duty in Afghanistan in 2006, 2007 and 2009 before eventually returning in 2012. And members also carried out operations in Bosnia and North Africa in 2014.

Today’s parade was celebrated by both veterans as well as serving troops, according to Star Radio, who spoke to Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel James Senior before the event.

Major Stephen Jordan, who is in charge of planning for the parade, also spoke to the radio station.

He explained that the parade was put on to recognise the contributions made by the soldiers who have served and are currently serving with the Light Dragoons.

According to the Ministry of Defence, the regiment, which can be deployed anywhere in the world at short notice, recruit many soldiers from the North East of England, in places such as Northumberland and Tyne and Wear.

South Yorkshire also has strong connections, which has led to the Light Dragoons being known as the Northern Cavalry of England.

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