Social Media Splits Over Court Verdict Of DA


Kolkata: The verdict of Calcutta high Court on Dearness Allowance has built several layers of opinion in social media which has been divided in two layers.

A part of government employees are happy after the verdict of Calcutta High Court. A school teacher wrote on Facebook that, “we are hopeful after the court verdict. It is a positive side to take step by state govt.

But the other part who have been disappointed that is not less. High Court has forwarded the two things which demands observation of State Administrative Tribunal. the verdict came after hearing continued for 17 months in High Court. Now it will suck more time.

Mukta Narzinari who took Facebook on DA and posted a comment that, “Then What ? What will happen after two months. Another person replied that “only the table has changed.”

Subhadip Ghosh took to Facebook to comment, “I thank Bikash Babu that he got the win after taking a case. I thank CPM who functionalised ROPA. otherwise the case had no chance to witness victory.”