Social Media Responds With Overwhelming Pro-Modi Memes


New Delhi: If social media sites celebrated Diwali, then this is probably what it would look like. Ever since Lieutenant-General Ranbir Singh, India’s Director-General of Military Operations (DGMO) held a joint press conference with the Ministry of External Affairs this afternoon, announcing that the Indian army had struck along a giant arc on the Line of Control early this morning, staging what it described as “surgical strikes” on terrorist launch-pads inside Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), websites such as Twitter and Facebook have erupted with congratulatory messages from Indians and India supporters, and mostly supporters of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

If Indian Netizens have jumped up with celebratory whoops and congratulatory messages for both the Indian army as well as Modi, there has been an equal-measure reaction for the Pakistanis who have questioned the veracity of the event.

Amid the cheer and high-fives and back slaps, the sombre thought of people actually celebrating a form of war does get drowned out. Much like when an Indian burger chain – in a move that it probably thought was smart marketing – offered a 20 per cent discount on all orders. Burger Singh, the restaurant in question, sent the following SMS to all its customers, announcing the offer. The coupon code – fpak20 – also has a distasteful connotation.

Though, this is one extreme of the spectrum, they can take solace in not being the only one blurring the lines between patriotism and jingoism. Back in Twitterverse, there is a resounding cry of praise for Modi, and not to forget his “56-inch chest” that has probably expanded to a number much higher, if people’s responses are anything to go by.

The micro blogging site has been flooded with memes and jokes in favor of one, and at the expense of the other. Take a look.

Indian Express