Snake Spotted In Metro Station In Delhi


New Delhi: A non-venomous snake was spotted at the platform of a metro station in Dwarka on Wednesday, which was rescued by a specialised team later. Its presence caused mild panic among the commuters, a team of Wildlife SOS Rapid Response that rescued the reptile said.

The snake, often mistaken for the highly venomous common krait, was identified by the rescue unit as a juvenile common Kukri. This particular species preys on insects, larvae, reptile eggs, small rodents and skunks.

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“By the time we reached the location, a crowd of curious on-lookers had gathered around the platform. Taking care not to harm or startle it, we carefully removed the snake and managed to lure it into a container,” a member of the team said.

The two-member team reached the spot on being alerted by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) staff. The Kukri gets its name because of its sharp, curved teeth that resembles a ‘kukri knife’, a statement by Wildlife SOS said.