Smriti Irani To Attend ‘Asthi Kalash Yatra’ In Kolkata


Kolkata: Union Textile minister Smriti Irani is scheduled to attend the Asthi Kalash Yatra in Kolkata, BJP sources said on Thursday. State BJP with the Atal’s Ashes will reach to the Diamondharbar through Hazra more from 6, Murlidhar Sen lane. BJP president Dilip Ghosh along with other leaders will reach to the Gangasagar to immerse the ashes.

বাজপেয়ীর চিতাভস্ম গঙ্গাসাগরে বিসর্জন দিতে আসছেন স্মৃতি ইরানি

The state BJP president and other leaders of the party will immerse Vajpayee’s ashes in the Ganges. However, apart from that, the proposals of such like immersion in the ghats of Navadwip, Tribeni, Farakka and in the river Mahananda at Siliguri are being reviewed.

Modi Passes Over Atal’s Ashes To WB State BJP

Several state unit leaders gathered at the state party office to pay their respects. many offered floral tributes to the urn containing the ashes at the BJP office.

“Minister Smriti will join with us somewhere in the middle of the journey.” State BJP President Dilip Ghosh said. The ‘asthi kalash’ was brought to Kolkata by state BJP president Dilip Ghosh and general secretary Syantan Basu.

Vajpayee’s Ashes Reached Kolkata, ‘Asthi Kalash Yatra’ Will Be Held Shortly

The condolence gathering will be held on 29 August at Mahajati Sadan. Meanwhile, the state BJP has taken an attempt to translate Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s poems in Bengali.